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Flame From Within -- Interview

Check out the interview below, conducted by a special 'guest' reporter!
Before the reader begins reading Flame from Within, she may think it is simply a Civil War Romance but what is really happening is a war going on in Aimée’s heart. Readers may at first think Aimée appears rather callous, self-centered, perhaps even too spoiled. There is a reason for that.

Many people who have come from dysfunctional or troubled homes, where there has been abuse, whether spoken or unspoken will later vent out in various ways that are not pleasing to others. Sometimes, in fact, a person will grow up trying to mask the trait of her true character. Eventually she will no longer know who she is, or she won’t know how to respond to others. Sometimes she will seem harsh, especially if she doesn’t have a relationship with the Lord.

This is the case with Aimée. The pain and suffering she feels inside has grown deep and it shows right from the beginning of the story. It is because she has no God to call upon.

Perhaps you know someone like that. This is my story Flame from Within.

Although you might not read the exact specifics of what happened in her life, it will show between the pages. Aimée’s emotional sufferings of her abusive past, deepens and builds into bitterness when she loses her home and family. By the time her papa who she adores is gone she blames her feelings of hate and bitterness on the war. Life is so often like that where a person will look for anything they can to blame their convictions on the wrong reason.

People, like Amethyst Rose, in my story, who have lived in darkness, quickly become filled with hidden emotions just waiting to come alive. Maybe you can think of some you have known with an abusive past or perhaps it hits close to home--abused many ways just by being neglected. Coming from a dysfunctional families--so much more common than we realize.

Will Aimée Lebrún, my heroine find her way to healing and discover a way out of her difficult life of bitterness? You will have to read the story to find out.

Perhaps, like Amethyst Rose or her sister, there will be someone who needs to someday read the book who can learn to find her way out of her own inner darkness. My prayer is that every reader can sit still and hear the voice of God maybe some, for the first time.

God wants to speak to all our hearts between the lines. God wants to spark that Flame From Within every heart that reads the book. That’s my greatest desire.

Are you ready to do a little reading? You can purchase the book here.


Shirley presently lives in Brookings, Oregon with her husband Tom. The two of them have served in the ministry
in some capacity for over 25 years and have three grown children. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Shirley
states she began attempting her writing career early. Although her creative imagination and love for make-believe keep her
active as an historical fiction writer, she also wears other hats penning devotionals, teaching, and speaking at women's retreats.
Also a lover of research, Shirley keeps her books as true to life as possible, lacing them gently with inspiration to draw both
the believer and seeker to her pages. She focuses her light-hearted devotionals on simple everyday living as books of encouragement
for women of all ages. Check out her website here.

Now, as promised, the interview! In this case the heroine of the book, Amethyst (aka Aimee) interviews her creator, Shirley.
1. Why did you select this particular era for my life? Why couldn't I have at least had indoor plumbing?

Ever since my husband, Tom and I lived and worked on the east coast at the United States Military Academy (West Point) and had an opportunity to learn more about the history of the Deep South I fell in love with this era, Aimee. You, where you lived, and your character became very real to my mind. Besides, I knew about you years ago because I worked with young girls so much like you. It was easy to flesh you out in my story. The plumbing would have been difficult in the 1860s dear, since they didn't have it in underground tunnels during the war!

2. If you could travel back in time, where and in which era would you like to go?
Hmm. I think it would be Victorian era but only for a little know just after the era of Jane Austen? And where I could sit down and write my poetry. I have a parlor and bath that are decorated Victorian and I love to read my classics and have my afternoon tea with my lady friends. I love to research that era. I love when gentlemen were gentlemen and ladies were still ladies. Gone are those days in so many places. But, again, I repeat, I could only do it for a little while. I would have to come back to earth pretty quickly. I have to admit--I do love my laptop. What I would do without it? Know what I mean?

3. Why in the world do I have to be stubborn? What were you thinking?
Well, I don't have to tell you that, now, do I, really, Amethyst Rose, honey. You know the secrets of your past life, even though they aren't brought out that openly in the book. I hint at them all the way through. The reader gets a pretty good inkling at why you act the way you act, and why you respond the way you respond to your sister, to men and to so many others just by reading between the lines. You had an unfortunate past. But to tell you the truth, Aimee, your life is not unlike many others who have come from dysfunctional families. There are many reasons why God needs to reach your heart and your soul, darlin'. The reader will have to pick up the book to discover why. So, I'd best not answer that, okay?

4. What was your favorite book as a child and why? For that matter, what was MY favorite book?
My favorite book as a child was The Bobsee Twins books, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drews' books also all Beverly Cleary's books. You loved Jane Eyre and The Scarlet Letter Aimee

5. If we had the opportunity to spend a day together, what would we do?
If we didn't work on our samplers I would be teaching you harmony on the pianoforte or you would be off with Lulu. You seem to enjoy being with her more than me. You are a private person, Aimee, but that's okay. So am I.

Intrigued? Find out more about Shirley at her website, and buy the book on Amazon!


Anonymous said...

I love the way you do interviews! How unique. And yes I am intrigued.
Will check this out.

Anonymous said...

Great interview. Thanks. I know some people who come from dysfunctional families. I will look forward to reading Shirley's book.
Erynne H