Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Reluctant Entertainer

The Reluctant Entertainer
by Sandy Coughlin


This is a beautiful book that is everything it promises --a true guide to simple and gracious hospitality. It is a hardcover book with glossy pages and gorgeous pictures that motivate you to get up and simply invite people in! Sandy doesn't pretend to be Martha Stewart and doesn't expect her readers to be, either. She is open and honest about her burnt piecrusts, uncooperative children, and grumpy days.

But by understanding our true motivations, laughing at our mistakes, and understanding when good enough is truly 'good enough', she shows us how to simply entertain in a way that makes others feel truly special.

Sandy goes several steps further, though, and provides amazingly simple and delicious recipes , LOTS of them, and tells us how to stock our pantries so we are always ready for drop in company. This is a book that won't be read once and then become a dust collector. I'll be using this book often as a reminder of how to simply love others, both in my home and outside of it, to show Christ's love in a hospitable way.

Real entertaining for real people.

Faced with feelings of inadequacy or unrealistic expectations, most women never experience the joy of inviting others into their homes. But no more. Speaking candidly about her entertaining highs and lows, popular blogger and author Sandy Coughlin offers apprehensive hostesses genuine encouragement and practical tips for simple yet savvy entertaining.

Hospitality is not about perfection or complicated, expensive meals. It's about connecting deeply with others--all you need is an open door and an open heart.

Sandy Coughlin writes the inspiring blog Reluctant Entertainer and is a frequent contributor to Crosswalk.com. She loves blessing other people's lives by entertaining in her home. A busy mom of three, Sandy is active in various volunteer organizations. She's married to Paul, and their family practices hospitality in their hometown of Medford, Oregon.

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