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Chasing Superwoman

Chasing Superwoman
Susan DiMickele


This is an honest book full of the chaos of a working mom's life. Susan portrays the multiple roles she plays in day and the vague lines that divide them all with grace and a lot of humor. She shares the guilt, the joys, and the accomplishment that can be felt in each of the roles as they are juggled (and occasionally dropped) in the pursuit of becoming 'superwoman'. And she humbly admits that God must be in control of each portion of a working mom's life in order to make it work at all.

I was able to empathize with Susan as the book progressed -- although our career paths are different I have definitely been in the same situations she describes. This book will resonate with most working moms in professional roles and you will be able to laugh at her (and yourself) in many situations. It also provides a good look at 'the other side' if you are a stay at home mom who wants to understand what the life of a work outside the home mom is really like.

I would have liked the book better if Susan could have provided some tips for managing the hectic life of a working mom. I definitely appreciated her spaghetti sauce recipe at the end.

Susan DiMickele may be a partner in an international, prestigious law firm, but beneath her navy suit and around the corner from her legal office, she morphs into the mother of three young children. As legalese gives way to homework, bedtime stories, and sibling rivalry, the roles of Lady Lawyer and Devoted Mommy collide, offering a funny yet poignant look at the practical, ethical, and spiritual struggles faced by professional working moms. Chasing Superwoman: A Working Mom’s Adventures in Life and Faith provides a much needed dialogue about the complex lives of women who must live out a vibrant faith amid the unprecedented demands placed upon their daily lives.

Recognizing that there are no simple answers to merge these sometimes mutually exclusive roles, DiMickele seeks to provide an honest look at the spiritual struggles facing working mothers who are raising young children. She encourages women who balance these demanding dual positions to embrace their roles and trust God to provide strength and wisdom for their journeys. Examining issues ranging from school involvement and shopping excursions, to perpetual exhaustion and church involvement, DiMickele reassures working moms that God accepts them with grace, just as they are. She also encourages them with the knowledge that they are not alone and that God will provide teachable, faith-building moments amid their difficult daily challenges. DiMickele looks through the lens of events that shaped her own spiritual journey and captures many compelling, universal moments that any working mom will recognize.

Chasing Superwoman reflects the day-to-day realities of working mothers of school-age children as they struggle to teach their little ones to know and love God. Juggling a schedule that leaves precious little time to rest in or reflect on God’s promises, DiMickele recognizes that God is ultimately the One in control of her life as well as the lives of her children. As terrifying as it is to realize that no amount of organization will remove the stresses within the role of a working mom, it is reassuring to know that Superwoman is not the ultimate goal. Superwoman doesn’t need Jesus. DiMickele and the women who read her book not only need Him; they are buoyed above the demands of their daily lives by His grace alone and are able to reflect His love back into the lives of their children and co-workers.

You can read chapter one of Chasing Superwoman here.

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Thank you to David C. Cook for providing a copy of this book for review.

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