Tuesday, August 18, 2009


God Stories
Explorations in the Gospel of God


Andrew Wilson

My Thoughts:
This book takes the sometimes heavy, theological concepts of the Bible and breaks the key points the meaningful stories we can easily remember. Instead of the typical lessons we learned in children's Sunday School, however, Andrew Wilson takes those stories a step further to ensure that we recognize the true drama of God's glory from creation to resurrection through revelation along the way.

The book is broken into easily digestible chunks that can be used as devotional material, as discussion group thought provokers, or it can be read more like a novel. There is plenty of meat yet you feel as if you are sitting with Andrew chomping on pizza and talking about God! He provides a whole new way of looking at the stories that allow us a glimpse into the character of Christ.

I highly recommend this book for new believers, for those who want to have a deeper relationship with Christ, and for those who are feeling somewhat stagnated in their studies.

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About the Book:
Sometimes our gospel is just too small. If we're not careful, we can take a story about Jesus rescuing creation and reduce it into a story about ourselves. We can turn stories into statements, and poems into punchlines. We can miss the sweeping, triumphant, heartbreaking and glorious stories that make up the gospel of God.

But the Biblical gospel, the real one, is a stunning mosaic of GodStories. It's about sins forgiven, shame removed, beauty restored, and meaning reinstated. It's about God's kingdom, his mission, his temple, and his victory. It's an epic love story that starts with betrayal and ends with a wedding, but it's also a thriller where the hero fights to save the world against impossible odds. It's massive. It's a sweeping drama of GodStories from start to finish.

Welcome to the gospel of God.

About the Author:

Andrew Wilson holds degrees in theology from Cambridge University and London School of Theology. His passion is to communicate the extraordinary truths of God. Andrew teaches internationally and is an elder at Kings Church Eastbourne in the UK, where he leads training and development. He is also the author of Incomparable: Explorations in the Character of God and lives with his wife, Rachel, and their newborn baby, Ezekiel, in the UK.

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