Friday, July 24, 2009

Designer Women

Designer Women
Ruth Tuttle Conard

Ruth Tuttle Conard states that she has always been somewhat confused by the roles women were expected to play within the confines of the modern church. Using Biblical texts, male leaders have placed highly talented and motivated women into very small roles or silenced their wisdom so completely that they have felt lost or have even walked away from the church completely. Is this what God intended?

Using the examples of ten women of the Bible, Conard examines the way God designed us, our spirituality, and our roles in his kingdom. She looks at the way Eve was designed to be loved, how Ruth was designed to take charge, and how Zelophehad's daughters were created to speak up in a time when women were expected to remain silent. The New Testament demonstrates how women were designed to worship, to embrace, to persevere, and to serve.

This book encourages the reader to evaluate her unique design and to determine her gifts. How has God designed her to uniquely serve this generation? Is she living up to that expectation?

I would highly recommend this book for any woman in the church who isn't sure how she fits in, what her gifts are, and if she fits into the mold that the church expects. It helped set me free from man's mold and to understand that God's mold is the only one that I should seek to fill.

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