Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miserly Moms



I've been a stay-at-home mom for four years now, and I've been implementing a lot of frugal ideas to make ends meet in a one income household. There are lots of new ideas in this book. I liked the idea of making saving money my job and looking at expenses by categories. By focusing on the different expenses one at a time, I can clearly see the progress we make.

Jonni McCoy has developed a list of practical ideas for saving money that really don't cause you to feel deprived at all! By making simple exchanges in the way we live, I believe we are actually living better than we were before and we are saving money for the future at the same time. This book will give you ideas that you can implement today.
I highly recommend this book for anyone who would prefer to keep their money instead of giving it away to retail stores, utilities, and credit card companies.


Jonni McCoy, a versatile author, shopping expert, media spokesperson, and public speaker, has been helping to increase the shopping power of women since 1991. Her many media appearances include The 700 Club, Dr. Laura, and FamilyLife Today. She's been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, and other magazines as well as on a variety of Web sites. Jonni, her husband Beau, and their two children now live in Colorado Springs. Check out her website for more ideas.


The economy is tough, food prices are soaring, and there is constant pressure to have more even though we have less to work with. Enter Jonni McCoy, whose money-saving strategies allowed her family to go from two incomes to one while living in the San Francisco Bay area, one of the most expensive locations in America. Jonni's tried-and-true Eleven Miserly Guidelines are completely practical and easy to do, and they could save you thousands of dollars a year! This updated and expanded fourth edition of Miserly Moms reveals how to

$ save money on groceries

$ make simple meals from scratch
$ celebrate holidays without breaking your budget

$ spot sneaky marketing tricks

Jonni's tips, tactics, and recipes are so easy that you'll wonder why you hadn't thought of them before. If you're ready to learn how to live well in a tough economy, start reading... You can buy the book on Amazon.

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