Thursday, January 8, 2009

January -- Financial Focus

This year my blog is taking a fresh focus. Each month we will look at a different critical life topic by looking at Biblical principles and new books which address the topic.

In January we'll look at personal finance, and area of crisis for many people. In our town alone, there are currently almost 700 homes going through foreclosure. That is more homes in foreclosure than are available for sale through normal means! This tragedy has a lot of causes and often no easy fix. The Bible has lots to say about the issue -- in fact God spends more time dealing with our finances than any other topic in the Bible!

I think it's important for each of us to look at our attitudes and behaviors regarding money. Whose is it, how much say do we have in how we spend it, and why won't things be better if we just have more of it?

First we'll look at one of my favorite books, however it's not a new one, Dave Ramsey's
The Total Money Makeover -- a Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
. Next we'll see what David Cowan has to say in
Economic Parables, The Monetary Teachings of Jesus Christ
. We'll end the month with
Surviving Financial Meltdown -- Confident Decisions in an Uncertain World
by Ron Blue and Jeremy White. We may look at a few more books, too, depending on availability.

I hope you'll join me on this quest for linkage between Biblical principles and current Christian teaching!

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